Two greatest singing secrets – Video

I’m not a relaxed person by nature.  I’m so used to having tension in my neck and shoulders that it feels normal to me.  But such tension can really inhibit your singing!

That’s why I do a lot of stretching every day and I try to get a good, deep massage about once a month.

I love how relaxed my throat and neck feel once I’ve been to a nice spa with a registered therapist and a hot tub!

Being as relaxed as you can, while still having lots of dynamic energy is one of the best kept secrets about singing.

The other is having a great ear.  Sadly, most ear training feels like torture – especially when it doesn’t come naturally to you.  In school we often referred to our ear lab as “ear scab” or ear training as “ear straining”.

Then one day I was lucky enough to find a university student willing to teach me solfege to make extra money.  Learning your intervals this way is like learning a language – in context!  So much easier than random intervals all over the place!

The particular patterns to pay attention to in this video that will really help solidify your scales and intervals (thereby giving you the ability to sing freely and with confidence) is Mi Fa and Ti Do.

The video below demonstrates.  When you sing up to Fa and then hold it, you’ll feel that it wants to fall to Mi.   On the other hand, when you sing Ti, it irresistibly wants to rise to Do.

Once you have this exercise stuck in your head, you’ll find ear training a lot more fun, and a lot more liberating from now on.

A tool I highly recommend you get your hands on is Ear Master over at  You’ll have fun as you learn your rhythms, vocal patterns, and you’ll get instant feedback as to whether you’re doing it right.

You can even download a free trial here. No credit card is required.



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