Developing a Powerful Head Voice

“It is the mentality of the individual, not the body that is musical or unmusical” quote by David Alva Clippinger, from “Head Voice and other Problems” It may be a matter of opinion, but David’s statement really resonates with me. I can’t tell how many students I had show up who were afraid to let…

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“How can I learn to sing the full scale (and songs) IN TUNE?”

“How can I learn to sing the full scale (and songs) IN TUNE?” This is a such great question.  It encompasses every aspect of singing. There are different reasons you may have trouble singing on pitch, and it absolutely doesn’t mean you are tone deaf. I should know… I couldn’t even match pitch on the…

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The position of the soft palate for a powerful voice

Want power without strain? Want to get rid of an annoying whine or twang you don’t like? Want to improve your pitch and achieve better control if your voice? Then you’ll want to review this vocal tip over and over again. But take the following exercise courtesy of Lilli Lehman from her manuscript “How to…

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Learn how to sing cheat sheet

Improve your singing cheat sheet

There’s a lot to think about when you’re trying to learn how to sing. You’ve got to hear a pitch before you even sing it. You have to shape each note so that they resonate well and have a great sound. To top it all off, there’s a whole bunch of ear training exercises you…

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Music note

Vocal Exercises for Power and Beauty

No matter how you sound right now, you can improve your singing voice with the help of a few well chosen vocal exercises. A good vocal exercise often feels like an experiment. It should never feel forced. With the exercises below, you’ll play around with your voice and see what you’re capable of. Great singing…

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Quick tip to improve your pitch

Here’s a quick trick that shows you how to improve your pitch with perfect feedback in just minutes. All you need is an inexpensive guitar tuner, or even a free app on your smartphone would do the trick. Just sing into the tuner, and it will tell you whether you’re singing the right pitch. If…

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Improve your voice using toning exercises

Lately I’ve been checking out courses and books not on how to sing – but how to speak. What an eye opener! I’ve always felt in lessons that my voice was a little bit manufactured because I was trying so hard to be “sing songy”. But these speaking exercises are fantastic – especially if you’ve…

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Breathing exercises for powerful singing

For some reason, it always sounded funny to me to hear teachers say how important it is to breathe properly when you sing. So there’s a wrong way to breathe? Talk about messing with your mind. Now there’s one more thing to worry about! There’s so much fear and confusion when it comes to singing…

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Belt with Power

You’ve seen the stars on stage and TV, belting out tunes with so much power they make the walls shake.  They make it look so easy.  You can too, if you will believe in yourself and are willing to do what it takes to learn. But you’ve got to be careful.  It’s one thing to…

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Sing with resonance!

One of the qualities that truly sets the famous apart from the wannabes is the ability to sing with a ringing, resonant tone throughout their vocal range.  For a lucky few, it’s a gift that comes naturally.  But here’s a little known fact for you: you can develop beautiful resonance and strength if you’re willing…

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